Chamisa wants investors to flood Zim only after Mnangagwa is gone

 Chamisa wants investors to flood Zim only after Mnangagwa is gone

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa argues he won last year’s elections and has continuously called President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s legitimacy into question

By Hope Sarara

OPPOSITION MDC leader Nelson Chamisa wants investment in Zimbabwe from the rest of the world only when Zanu PF is out of power.

Chamisa is currently in Europe attending meetings with “progressive alliance leaders” in Sweden and is set to present a statement on the situation in Zimbabwe on his return, this week titled “Hope of the Nation.”

The opposition leader’s spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda said Chamisa has met leaders from Europe, Africa and other parts of the world upraising them on the “crisis” in Zimbabwe and urging them to “prepare to invest in Zimbabwe once the legitimacy question has been resolved.”.

MDC leader Chamisa lost narrowly in presidential elections last year to Zanu PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa. Chamisaa refused to accept the results claiming they had been rigged.

An attempt to overturn the result fell-flat at the Constitutional Court for lack of evidence but the youthful opposition leader maintains he is the legitimate leader of the country.

“The president met with world leaders and told them that our country can have the audacity to hope for a better future and that democracy will be achievable regardless of our current circumstances.

“He encouraged leaders to prepare to invest in a great economy because our current situation is not natural, God blessed Zimbabwe and a few greedy old men tried to curse us,” said Sibanda.

He added: “As soon, as our country returns to legitimacy and legality our economy will jolt up as if on steroids. It will rise like a roaring lion and devour poverty and the extreme desperation of our people.”

Zanu PF has consistently accused the opposition of sabotaging the economy in a bid to trigger social upheaval as part of a regime change agenda with support from hostile Western powers led by the US.

The opposition has rejected the accusations instead pointing to Zanu PF policy paralysis for the country’s economic and social problems.

Sibanda said Chamisa is ready to take charge of the country’s transformation.

“The president is providing leadership for transformation, the people will need to engage in dealing with the domestic issue of dictatorship.

“Instead we have an extreme fascination with power and no understanding of the need to put aside egoistic tendencies and put Zimbabwe first,” he said.

“Secondly we are faced with a situation in which the government has at its heart levels of corruption that have not been sent before and it has no soul in its management of our society.”

Among leaders that Chamisa has met include Swedish Prime Minister, Kjell Stefan Löfven, Austria’s Social Democratic Party leader Pamela Rendi-Wagner, Portugues Premier Antonio Costa and Finish Prime Minister Antti Rinne.


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