Gunshots fired at Chamisa, MDC blames army

 Gunshots fired at Chamisa, MDC blames army

MDC leader Nelson Chamisa is reportedly thanking his lucky stars after “surviving an attempt on his life.”

By Noel Tshuma

OPPOSITION MDC leader Nelson Chamisa reportedly survived an assassination attempt while on a programme to plant trees in Maarondera some 80km east of the capital Harare.

Marondera Central MP Caston Mateu in an alert circulated on social media and confirmed by Chamisa’s spokesperson claimed the military was behind the attack in which gunshots were fired.

The veracity of the claim could not be immediately ascertained.

“Live shots fired at president Chamisa. I was beside him. We were missed by a whisker. We were only planting trees for National Tree Planting Day (sic),” Mateu said.

Chamisa’s spokesperson  Nkululeko Sibanda said the incident occurred at Dombotombo clinic in the Mashonaland East provincial capital.

The incident happened at Dombotombo Clinic. Sibanda blamed the army for the assassination attempt.


“President Chamisa was planting trees in Marondera he has been attacked by the military and heavily armed police. We are just going to ascertain his condition,” Sibanda said.

He added: “He is unfazed, he will continue with his activities as soon as he can. This was a military operation. We are certain the bullets were trained at us. It is not the first time, they have thrown teargas, dogs and all kinds of vicious ammunition at us.”

Sibanda described the situation as tense and unpredictable.

“So it’s a tense situation we will see how it unfolds because it’s tense and unpredictable” he said.

Chamisa has a shaky relationship with the military that he has consistently accused of aiding President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s power seizure in 2017 and then being part of the institutional framework that “stole” last year’s presidential election.


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