Kasukuwere: ED chasing money ahead of the people

 Kasukuwere: ED chasing money ahead of the people

By Hope Sarara

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa and his cohorts are fixated with making money and neglecting their duty to serve the people, former Zanu PF national commissar Saviour Kasukuwere said at the weekend.

Speaking as a guest at an Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) rally, Kasukuwere said Mnangagwa’s administration and Zanu PF party had “gone off the rails.”

Kaskuwere was among a host of former Cabinet Ministers in former President Robert Mugabe’s administration and key figures in the G40 faction who escaped into exile in the aftermath of the November 2017 coup.

The former Local Government Minister however briefly returned before he escaped bail during trial on charges of corruption.

“They want, more money, more riches, they have lost the direction of the revolution,” said Kasukuwere.

He spoke ad Mnangagwa and his acolytes concluded this year’s Zanu PF annual conference and the former ruling party national commissar could not pass the chance to take a pot-shot at his adversaries.

“When they meet hear their resolutions; none of them makes sense. People are talking about what they can get, how they can push government to do this, yet they have no basis upon which to move forward,” he said.

There are rumours Kasukuwere is about to launch a political party. While he did not make any reference to the political outfit being branded around with his name constantly featuring as the possible frontman, Kasukuwere suggested Zimbabwe is on the cusp of a new political struggle.

He pointed to the deteriorating economic situation as a possible trigger of the impending fight.

“The struggle in Zimbabwe is only just about to begin because we cannot tolerate the nonsense that is happening any longer.

“The pain in our people is too much, queues, day in and day out.  As Zimbabweans we must take the bull by the horns,” Kasukuwere said adding his aim is to “correct comrades who have gone wayward.”

Other ex-G40 kingpins in exile include former High Education Minister Jonathan Moyo and Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwawo.

Pictures and videos of a political outfit calling on Kasukuwere to return and lead the people have gone viral on social media in Zimbabwe.

Kasukuwere has also suddenly become more vocal and daring in his opposition of Mnangagwa albeit from the safety of South Africa.


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