Mliswa lashes out at MDC hypocrisy over ED snub

 Mliswa lashes out at MDC hypocrisy over ED snub

Norton Independent MP, Temba Mliswa

By Hope Sarara

ALL opposition MDC MPs boycotted Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube’s 2020 budget presentation attended by President Emmerson Mnangagwa as the standoff over last year’s disputed presidential election continues unabated.

The opposition party’s candidate in the presidential poll won by Mnangagwa by 50.8%, Nelson Chamisa who polled a close 44.3% this time decided to stay away from Parliament after two walk-outs in the past 12 months that has seen them docked five months allowances for the stunt by Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda.

MDC spokesperson Daniel Molokele claimed all the party’s MPs were attending the funeral of two Marondera activists who died in a car accident early this week.

“We are at the funeral in Marondera,” he said.

Independent Norton MP, Temba Mliswa rose to complain about the MPs absence from the House accusing the country’s biggest opposition party of hypocrisy.

The MDC MPs attended the pre-budget seminar in Victoria Falls last week that raised public anger with arguments it was an unnecessary expenditure.

“They have gone too far and must be punished. They need a whip. When one is elected MP they have to put forward the interest comes first. There was a decision made by the courts following last year’s elections and that has to be respected,” said Mliswa referring to the Constitutional Court judgement that threw out Chamisa’s petition seeking to overturn the election outcome.

Mliswa added: “The decision that they made is a decision that is inconsistent, I thought MPs were more mature, more senior and they would be able to do what is expected.”

Mudenda who only on Wednesday reversed his decision to ban the MDC lawmakers from posing questions to Cabinet Ministers appointed by tghe same Mnangagwa they snub at every turn arguing he lacks legitimacy concurred adding “enough is enough.”

“I do not want to be prophetic about that “shamu inemunyu” but it is coming, enough is enough,” the Speaker said.


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