Panic as soldier discharged gun at ED residence

 Panic as soldier discharged gun at ED residence

By Hope Sarara

PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa is in panic mood after a chain of events that seem to threaten the his two year old military backed regime.

A junior soldier and member of the crack Presidential Guard on was arrested Tuesday afternoon after he deliberately discharged his gun into the air within the State House grounds, Mnangagwa’s official residence out of frustration as the political and economic turmoil takes its toll.

“The soldier, a member of the Presidential Guard discharged some 30 bullets before he was stopped as he tried to load another magazine.

“Everyone is now in panic within the security sector. He was immediately arrested and when asked what had triggered this the soldier said he was frustrated. One brave soldier approached him quickly from the back and stopped him as he tried to load a second magazine. He said ‘I can’t be expected to stand guard for day on end while failing to look after my family’. Things do not look good,” said a security source close to the issue.

Mnangagwa was away in the Middle East where he was attending a shadowy “global investment conference.”

Exiled former Higher Education Minister Jonathan Moyo, who seem to have his hands on the pulse regarding the goings on within Mnangagwa’s inner circle tweeted about the same issue.

“A young Presidential Guard soldier emptied his magazine firing in the air at State House. He was arrested while reloading. He complained of hardships and said he cannot survive in a ‘dead economy’. He is being detained by the military at its holding cells,” Moyo said on his Twitter handle.

Another source said fears abound within the security establishment that the incident could have been a signal to a much bigger plot against Mnangagwa.

“The fear is this was a signal and the violent police reaction to the MDC gathering in town exposes that uneasiness with the situation. Its explosive.

“The other problem is that the soldier, identified as Sergeant Magade, is being interrogated by his peers who share his frustrations. It is really an untenable situation,” heard.

Dozens of opposition MDC activists were violently bashed by police in central Harare after they gathered to hear their leader Nelson Chamisa deliver his “Hope of the Nation Address” which however never materialised.

Instead Chamisa was expected to issue a statement following the violent scenes that left many hospitalised.


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