SA company sues Grace Mugabe over confiscated truck

 SA company sues Grace Mugabe over confiscated truck

Former First Lady Grace Mugabe

By Court Reporter

A South African company has dragged former President Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace for allegedly withholding a haulage truck five years ago.

Mugabe ruled Zimbabwe with an iron fist for 38 years before he was deposed in a bloodless military coup in November 2017. His wife former First Lady Grace was an untouchable during Mugabe’s reign and has an outstanding case of assault in the neighbouring country.
Sun Marine Shipping claims Mugabe or his wife in 2014 unleashed their employees on a truck driver who had delivered a milk packaging consumablesa consignment to their Alpha Omega Dairy Farm in Mazowe 40km north of Harare, forced him out of their premises and withheld the truck until now.
Two of Mugabe’s employees identified as Mugombi and Nhari allegedly forced the truck driver to run for dear life and abandon the truck and other belongings at the farm after they reportedly accused him of damaging a machine during the delivery.
“The applicant through its driver was enjoying peaceful and undisturbed possession of its international 9800 truck horse, registration number ND 749272, two interlink trailers with registration ND 540422 and ND 539649 and a twenty fit container which it was illicitly ousted or despoiled from by the respondent.
“The said property was illicitly taken from the applicant’s drive by the respondent’s employees, Mr Mugombi and Mr Nhari by forcibly taking the truck keys from him,” court papers show.
“This was soon after delivering and offloading the respondent’s consignment of Aseptic Filler for packing UHT milk, model THP 7200 AS and UHT Packaging Machine, at the respondent’s Mazowe Farm,” reads the complainant’s application.”
It is further alleged that the truck driver left his clothing, kitchenware and toiletries in the truck horse after being chased out violently.
The truck is reportedly at Mugabe’s farm.
“I am advised that the said actions amount to spoliation in that there was no consent of deprivation by the applicant,” Cutmore Makumbirofa who prepared the affidavit on behalf of Sun Marine Shipping claims.
Mugabe and his wife reportedly now claim ownership of the truck as compensation for the damage caused to the milk packaging machine.
The Mugabes never approached the courts for recourse but instead according to te shipping company took the law into their own hands.
According to court papers the truck has since been vandalised and parts removed including two diesel truck heavy duty batteries, eight rear new tyres, two super single tyres, one from
the trailer and another from the spare wheel, driver’s side mirror covers, trailer storage bins, wheel nuts, landing platform on trailer jumbo legs, inner blocking filter and other accessories.
Sun Marine Shipping says it was left with no choice but to approach the courts. Mugabe and his wife are yet to respond.


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